As refuge, protest, or a way to figure out and make sense of the world poets are compelled to make poetry.

Poetry as barometer – as oral history keeper, or as a forum for social and cultural change. After all, maverick poets are known throughout time for creating their own platforms.

For those drawn to the creative process and expressions through poetry, some moments offer great abundance where ideas flow fast and furious. Then there are the lean times.

During droughts and creative troughs no words or lifelines come. No new work rendered, but what may appear as silence can be home to something vital – like still water barely moving, wilderness places lead to lush, fertile valleys once more.

When the well seems dry and vacant, the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program website provides a wealth of resources to get the juices going again.

Anyone with online access can tap into this rich, supportive community.

The resources on take away the guesswork, anguish and frustration of just “getting started” – often the hardest forward step to take.

Poetry Noir provides writing prompts using film clips and “moments” from black and white movies films to provoke poetic responses – check out some poems at

Student Poetry Noir aims to provide prompts and inspiration for young people, too, in conjunction with Poetry WITS (Writers in the Schools), especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic, school closures and social distancing restrictions.

Tekpoet is a resource offering manuscript services to help support emerging voices on the journey to become published poets. Tekpoet offers a mentor list for such valuable assets as critique and commentary, social media promotion, art, illustration, design and web services. Go to to learn more.

Poetry needs to be heard.

Few experiences or more tangible or relational than listening to a poet read his or her own work. Montco Poetry Podcasts, available at, provide a way to sample various poets work by listening to their creative voices.

Covid-19 has created shelter-in-place environments around the world, offering a paused moment to take a fresh breath. By honing skills and craft, poets can participate through written and spoken word in the shifting landscape in which we find ourselves.

In April, “Laureates from Home” offered a virtual gathering space to pass the mantle of Montgomery County Poet Laureate. Outgoing Laureate Cathleen “Cathy” Cohen shared her work and experience during her year-long tenure as David Gaines, the new 2020 Montgomery County Poet Laureate, offered a reading from his winning entry, and premiered some new work.

As the Montgomery Community poetry community looks forward in 2020 check for updates about the annual Caesura Poetry Festival. Caesura sponsorships are also available.

Caesura is scheduled to take place on the grounds of Camphill Soltane Glenmoore Estate, located at 224 Nantmeal Road, Glenmoore, PA, from October 2 to October 4.

Caesura provides encouraging space for readings, reflecting, workshops, panels, discussions, (drumming!) and a bonfire – filled up and overflowing with inspiration!! For more information about Caesura visit