Ruby Flo


some folks like to plug her up

but she's the only woman i wait for

the only thing i can count on

my girl

Ruby Flo

queen of





she do that shit alone

& perfect


a deep red velvet carpet

plush with my insides

leadin her way


some folks like to plug her up

but you gotta let her be & love her


what a comedian when she late

what a trickster when she early

what an actress when she heavy & dramatic

what a child when she light & free


my girl

crimson layers

honeyed with fruitfulness

scented with prebirth musk

one after the other

unfoldin out of this delta called


& then Woman

then Mama

she be fertility

she be sacred

she be La Baker sweat

Shug Avery pee

grandma's raspberry moon tea



make me blessed

my woman

hooded & cloaked

in red

reminiscent of

the dawn after an eclipse

Chaka Khan's laden carmine lips




some folks like to plug her up but

i like it when she come

like Red Ridin in the night

quick on her feet & just-a-stealin


other times she ease right out of me

real slow like a juke joint song

a Tony Brown tune

hummed even & low

so you know she there


but folks like to plug her up

won't let her speak

or take air from round their thighs


i said, some folks like to plug her up

but i sing her praises

Ruby Flo...

she do this shit alone & perfect


brazen &

sassy smelling

funky & fresh

my baby making stew

only secret lips get to taste


she answer all my questions

hush all my doubts


i ask her-

"how come my man done left me"


& she say,

"cuz i ain't come 'round this month"


"& Ruby Flo

how come my man ain't sweet with me this month?"


& she say,

"cuz i'ze fillin his space, chile"


"& Ruby Flo

how comes i get so low sometimes?"

& she say,

"cuz i makes you still &

you gots to be still to hear

what you doing good

& not so"


"hear me, girl,"

she say

"i makes you interact

with all the stuff you don't need

& then i helps you get rid of it


no need for cryin or agitation or fussin

girl, don't fret these waters

cuz they'll never drown you"



i be that magic called Creativity

i be daddy's twinkles

mixed with granma's wrinkles

the potion that made you

the fluid named Passion in your pen

i'm the only ink been round since the Beginnin

i be the Ruby Flo

i be the Ruby Flo

i be the Ruby Flowin

that jewel

anciently aggravatin undulatin

explodin like a sunburst

inside you

and fallin out of you like

weary petals droppin to the Earth





1999 by Yolanda Wisher