MaPoet Laureate 2015




David Escobar-Martín is the product of spoken word and written poetry. A Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement Alumni, David has performed at poetry slams since the age of fifteen. David’s current goal is to earn a spot on his college’s CUPSI team for 2016. He now studies at Temple University and majors in Latin American Studies and Spanish Literature.


He enjoys reading and writing poetry in English, Spanish, and French and often considers foreign languages to be the reason why he began writing poetry for audiences beyond the stage. His blog is a testament to his efforts to grow outside the realm of spoken word and his chapbook, Eden, defines his love of both styles.

“Praise to the poet who draws attention to the world around us in fresh and eloquent metaphors and conceits and language that marks our journey on earth, but more importantly, the journey into ourselves. Praise to the charming imagination that sings the power of a woman, and the “hummingbirds in her hips.” Praise to the poet of consciousness whose words are like a fist saying No to black bodies outlined in chalk. These are more than poems of cultural identity, more than a celebration of family who suffer exile, who triumph over diseases, their selflessness and beauty a legacy to their loved ones. These exuberant poems burst with a vitality that quickens my delight and makes me want to dance.”

Major Jackson